Live Crawfish for Sale

Live Crawfish for Sale
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Crayfish Trap for Sale Free Shipping


Dual entrances: 2 funnel type one-way entrances allow crawfish to go inside the trap from both sides so you can double your catch in half the time.

Zipped bag for bait: put your bait in the bag (provided) and zip it up; sink the net in the river and wait for fish to come in; For best result, you may want to put some bait around and inside the net to lure more crawfish to swim towards the trap.

Large zipped access to your catch: just open the zipper and you can take your crayfish out of the trap easily.

Made with durable polyethylene netting: small netting squares about ½” x ½”
Spring loaded pop out design: allow you to open and close the crawfish trap easily.

Measurement of trap in open position: 12” in diameter, 23” in height

Measurement of trap in closed position: 12” in diameter, 1” in height (so it is very flat when you fold it up, does not take space at all)

Measurement of funnel entrances: 5” in diameter

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