Live Crawfish for Sale

Live Crawfish for Sale
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19 X 24 Crawfish Trap

19 X 24 Crawfish Trap

The ST4SP Shrimp/Crawfish Trap was designed for the person who wants to catch shrimp or Crawfish with every pull anywhere. Simply toss the Crawfish Trap into the water and let the shrimp or Crawfish come climbing to the delicious bait. The Shrimp / Crawfish Trap measures 19" x 24" x 9" high. The mesh that is used is a 1/2" x 1" and is a perfect Trap for catching Shrimp or Crawfish anywhere you fish. Affordable and made of high quality materials you expect from Protoco.


  • Protoco Shrimp / Crawfish Traps are made using the finest materials available for years of service and will out last any other Shrimp / Crawfish Trap available.
  • These Shrimp / Crawfish Traps are favorites of sports and commercial trappers alike why not have a Shrimp / Crawfish Trap that you can trust and know that it is the best available.
  • The Shrimp / Crawfish Trap comes with a bait Box already built into the center of the Trap. It is easily accessable for loading in your favorite bait to catch thos scrumptious Shrimp or Crawfish.
  • The steel mesh is coated in an extremely durable Black Polyethylene coating to protect against all of the elements of the salt water making this Shrimp / Crawfish Trap last for many years.
  • Four Orange tunnels are a coned design allowing the Shrimp/Crawfish to enter for the bait and have no chance to leave until you remove them. To remove the Shrimp/Crawfish, one of the tunnels is designed to hinge down for easy removal of the Shrimp.
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